PSL, always striving to be successful, delivers a handful of unique shipping services to Russia and cargo from UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah) to Russia.

We can offer the below-highlighted services from the Dubai branch for cargo shipment to Russia: 

Secure storage of goods in our Dubai based warehouse -It can be considered as an additional package of Logistic Services and to do so Dubai based team is always at your disposal. CCTV Camera-Equipped Warehouse is operational for the whole day to secure your goods. 

Cargo Insurances: 
It is an obligation as part of international standards to provide insurances for your cargo in case of any loss and PSL goes out of the way to compensate your loss in any of following unwanted situations: 
· Fire 
· Explosion 
· Armed Robbery 
· Leakage 
· Weather Hazards 

Packing and Lashing: 
The most noteworthy feature of PSL is its excellent lashing and unique packing solutions. A fully skilled and professional team at the Dubai branch delivers these services to cargo shipped in Russia. 

Dangerous Goods cargo handling: 
Furthermore, the quality and the type of items shipped to Russia like Dangerous Goods (Explosives, Corrosives, Gases and Flammable Solids) makes PSL a broadband name for shipping services to Russia.


PSL ravels in broadening the services and increasing ease of access to shipping services to Russia. PSL has routes and passages available for freight transport and sea shipping in Russia.

While being cost-effective and unique geographical service for even remote locations, the Freights and Imports are shipped to Russian cities starting from Krasnoyarsk. 

The main advantage of Krasnoyarsk is it’s cargo first entry of point, likewise cities such as Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Kamchatka. 

The rest major cities in which cargo is shipped to Russia by PSL are: 
·UFA-capital of Bashkortostan 

And numerous unique, first entry shipment destinations to Europe, Middle East, USA and CIS Countries (Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine) make PSL the leading shipment service company in the region.


The best feature of PSL in Freight Forwarding Services is the wide range of delivery options.
The delivery we provide either can be Door to door or Port to Port. The cargo is shipped to Russia and rest countries by specified 20-40 feet length containers. 

Rail Transport to Russia and nearby countries is the trademark of Polar Star Logistics has the following benefits: 

·Due to high railway network capacity, cargo charges in Russia are radically lower as compared to other freight companies. 
·Operational flexibility in spite of weather circumstances is the salient feature of land freights.

Technologically equipped rails and cargo trucks do this shipping service in Russia. Air Freight forwarding and multimodal freight to Russia also add to the broad service range of PSL.

Proper Airline Handling and Supervising for the safety and fastest freight shipping of customers to above all mentioned cities and countries. 

The broad range of heavy and light duty freight already shipped to Russia by PSL is Auto Spare Parts, Cars, Equipment for Oil and Gas Industry, Mining Equipment and Perishables as well.


Providing strong guarantees 
·Shipping to Russia costs-effective and minimal as compared to other companies. 
·Highly professionals in Air freight logistics based in Dubai, UAE and Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
·Official S7 Airline representative in UAE 
·Loads value worth of millions of USD 
·Twice a week flight on the route from Novosibirsk to Dubai and return.
·Optimization of chain supply management because of professional Document Handling 

Dealing with several domestic and international shipments, expertise and relationship is certainly to behold, professionalism and expanding the freights.