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Projects & Heavy lift cargo.
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Ensuring safe delivery, smooth transportation and expert handling.
Polar Star Logistics has been proudly serving in UAE with proficiency and professionalism for decades now. The transportation of heavy or large fleet cargo, nationally or internationally, requires great expertise, professional handling and utmost care.

We provide Global Freight management for your cargo, keeping in mind all such prerequisites. We take on the challenge of shipping oversized load dimensions with full confidence, thus making the impossible possible.
And... Not only do we transport, but transport diligently making sure, that the transported goods are in perfect shape and condition.

Our dedication and commitment to the logistics sector have made us the peoples’ number one choice by and far.
So far we have transported millions of tons of machinery and other goods within UAE and even outside of it catering to varied industrial sectors like petrochemicals, mining, energy industry, Oil and Gas and so much more. PSL has thus far garnered accolades owing to our careful handling and meticulous management.

If the load’s too heavy, get help from Polar Star Logistics!

Diligently serving varied industrial sectors

Our project and heavy lift cargo services cater to handling varied and oversized cargo from boilers to turbines, reactors, diesel engines, military equipment, satellites, refinery and petrochemical plant equipment, boats, construction equipment, steel piles, cable reels, generators and so much more.
We have undertaken similar and many other projects with expertise and proficiency. And since each cargo has its own unique composition and requirements, we make all-out efforts in order to ensure proper implementation of the work by giving specialized attention and individualistic concentration.

Delivering safely…and on time!

PSL ships oversized equipment by Air, Land or Sea - all around the globe with care and within the stipulated time frame, beating all the deadlines. 
Our freight forwarder services are designed keeping in mind all the prerequisites of heavy shipment.

We make special arrangements in transporting heavy items through all mediums i.e. Air Freight, Rail/Road Freight, Sea Freight or Multimodal freight. Such that for;
- Rail/Road Transportation: we use special trucks and flatbeds for transporting  through  the land.
- Transportation through Air: we arrange cargo aircrafts such as Antonovs cargo or the like, that are capable of handling the abnormally large fleet of items.
- Sea Transportation: barges are used for transporting the goods whereas for lifting the objects, special heavy lift carriers are used.

We understand how much your cargo ship is valuable to you, so Polar Star Logistics is extremely careful in transporting the equipment and makes sure, that heavy lift cargo is carried out flawlessly.

Careful Handling by our expert supervisors

Our experienced supervisors make the loading, shipment and discharging possible under 
their able supervision and tight scrutiny, therefore ensuring professional handling and safe transportation. 
The direct monitoring of project guarantees safety and security in handling sensitive cargo while leaving no room for any lapse or hiatus whatsoever.

Advantages in Projects and Heavy Lift cargo Handling

The voluminous objects are generally the ones that weigh from hundreds to thousands of tons and cant be subdivided. PSL has been the industry leader in transporting, handling and installing heavy items. 

Book yourselves with us and you can avail tremendous advantages, such as we:

Meticulously supervised heavy lift cargo handling procedure from start to end.

- Properly manage the loading as well as unloading.

- Inspection of goods before transhipment and after arrival at the destination.

Manage and update the tracking system for clients.

- Provides project heavy lift cargo shipment at the national and international level at reduced costs, while ensuring effective operation.

- Proper documentation.

- Check route analysis as well as weather forecast and much more

Lifting and Securing points

Heavy Cargo Ship involves voluminous loads which require some extra care, so for that reason, we focus on appropriate lifting and securing points and we make sure, that the securing points are strong and structurally sound. This consequently guarantees the smooth transition of cargo from the ground to the carrier and then back again to ground.

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Polar Star Logistics comes under the best heavy transport companies in Dubai, UAE.
We take the grave responsibility of transporting heavy project logistics within the premises of UAE and even outside of it. And not only do we transport, but we also take on the responsibility of installing and fitting it in the right place and at the designated spot.

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