What we ship

What we ship

Despite of what type of business industry you are in, we always strive for success. Therefore, at Polar Star we offer logistics services such as expedited air freight services, customs brokerage, Import & Export, etc.

We provide Global Freight management for your cargo, keeping in mind all such prerequisites. We take on the challenge of shipping Oversized load dimensions with full confidence, thus making the impossible possible. This could be Auto and Auto spare parts, Perishables, Dangerous Goods, Projects and Healy Lift cargo and many more. 
And... Not only do we transport, but transport diligently making sure, that the transported goods are in perfect shape and condition.

Our dedication and commitment to the Logistics sector have made us the peoples’ number one choice by and far.
So far we have transported millions of tons of machinery and other goods within UAE and even outside of it catering to varied industrial sectors like petrochemicalsminingenergy industryOil and Gas and so much more. PSL has thus far garnered accolades owing to our careful handling and meticulous management.

Beside that, we aim your business grow to a high return. Hence, if you need to ship internationally with the best services in Cargo Freight Logistics or any general freight forwarding services, please Contact Us or send the Request Form.
And if you challenge to ship your cargo, we can offer best and yet optimal solution for Supply Chain Management. Above all, we are the Team of specialists, who specialized in the field of Logistic Cargo services. Our company also has a proofed reputation and a comprehensive customer portfolio.

Why PSL is the best cargo freight company

We pride ourselves in being a logistics company, that creates tailored solutions for our customers and invests in long term partnerships. 
Our dedication to excellence enables to achieve a competitive advantage in every part of the supply chain. PSL utilizes Gulf industry knowledge to deliver superior warehousing & distribution services, freight forwarding services and supply chain management programs worldwide.

Our keys to success

- Superb Customer Service, because we Listen, Hear and Understand every customer;
- Explicit cost-effective cargo Freight charges;
- We provide strong guarantees;
- Safe and on time delivery (even urgent and time sensitive consignments);
- We ship high-tonnage goods such as heavy automobiles, drilling equipment for Mining, Oil and Gas industries, Perishables and many more;
- All goods are delivered by chartered flights offered by our reliable partners;
- The team of professionals in Freight Forwarding Logistics based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Tashkent, Uzbekistan.