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Today, trending automotive and aftermarket industry develops with high speed to gear up to date with millennial trends. Despite unstable global economy, there are wide range of opportunities for the UAE top freight forwarders. Hence, to be on the same speed, Polar Star Logistics is ready to offer a full specter of freight forwarding services for vehicle shipment and aftermarket supply chain:

Being leaders among the numerous unique shipment destinations to Europe, Middle East, USA and CIS countries (Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine), certainly, make us more flexible.
And as a result, provide valuable asset in supply chain time management.
While another End-to-End service – covers auto spare parts delivery for the production line division, finished vehicles delivery worldwide (Sea, Air Import and Export).

Consequently, we aim to meet customers’ any sensitive requirements for the finished vehicles sector and similarly aftermarket logistics industry. Therefore, above all mentioned types of automotive production (commercial vehicle, private transport, such as motorbike or a boat, helicopter spare parts, plant machinery or a motorhome), Polar Star Logistics is certainly ready to provide best available rate without any hidden charges.
Almost all cargo size can be safely shipped from UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah) to the rest of the world.

How to ship a car or auto spare parts from UAE?

When you need to ship vehicles or aftermarket goods, most noteworthy, you can face with some challenges. Such as paperwork handling and submission, warehousing, miscommunication, risk of damage, delayed delivery, safety factors and even more.

Required documents for the car shipment.

  • The first point will be initiated at nearest RTA (Road Transport Authority) branch.
  • VCC (Vehicle Clearance Certificate)
  • Trade License or Passport copy of shipper and consignee.
  • Invoice
  • Sales Agreement between sipper and consignee in Arabic and English
  • Authorization letter to handling agent from the shipper
  • Insurance
  • NoC in Arabic for RTA
  • Insurance from RTA Office.

What documents will be required for Auto spare parts logistics?

- Invoice
- Packing List
- Shipper and Consignee details.

Above all mentioned points, PSL doesn’t have any extra hidden costs, demurrage payments or broken deadlines. Hence, we have the lowest prices in the market. As a result, all our reliable partners create solid transportation chain to ensure that your cargo arrives on time.

Our advantages in Auto & Auto Spare parts freight forwarding.

- Door-to-Door services worldwide.

- Our team can facilitate car shipment and auto spare parts from Dubai to more than five thousand destinations worldwide.

- In international car shipping almost every minute counts. With solid logistics network, your cars and automotive spare parts will reach required destinations on time. Our almost frequent mode of aftermarket cargo shipment – 40 feet container. However, urgent shipments are given priority and can be freighted by air.

- Customs clearance and paperwork.

- Cargo tracking.

- Global presence with wide network.

How much does it cost to ship a car overseas? 
You can send over our online “Request Form” and we, certainly, get back to you with a free quotation.
We offer great rates and deals for worldwide car shipping.
Our courteous, dedicated and highly professional staff is ready to answer your questions 24/7.

Trustworthy guarantees

- Experienced and customer orientated team.
- Cargo Insurance paperwork (upon request).
- Setting up high standards in international car shipping has always been our motto.
- Finally, PSL values regular customers, making terms and conditions (including rates) very flexible.

As a result, our happy customers’ testimonials seems like professionalism is not just a mere word. Hence, we are proud to help hundreds of people and businesses like yours. Most noteworthy, that we aim to accomplish evolving shippers’ requests and PSL services will provide effective logistics solution even in the most challenging cases.
Finally, no matter you are a private entrepreneur or a big business chain, who require to ship vehicles or spare parts from Dubai (and rest Emirates) worldwide, you can certainly rely on us.

For the better Auto (Cars) and Auto spare parts Shipping rates, please Contact Us.