Packing & Lashing



Polar Star Logistics delivers professional industrial freight packing, and lashing solutions for all cargo shipment in Dubai, UAE. Our team specializes in lashing all kinds of cargoes including sensitive cargo, fragile cargo, and heavy cargo. As a result, we deliver bespoke solutions that meet our client’s requirements and specific needs.

Our business-friendly services, excellent packing, and suitable presentation solutions are tailored to enhance your marketing and distribution network. As a result, you can trust us to translate your communications with your customers into tailored designs and suitable packing that will differentiate your products from the competition.

Furthermore, our robust and personalized cargo packaging guarantees the safety of all cargoes, or as per your special requirements. Thus ensuring maximum protection of all shipment in storage or transport.

Polar Star custom cargo packing and lashing service are well-suited for all freight shipments including all categories of fragmented cargoes.
Similarly, our team is fully equipped to deliver a wide range of crating solutions and projects. From the smallest door to door cargo assemblage to the most dynamic shipping services – PSL container loading services and cargo handling solutions is world-class! 

Our highly skilled loading and lashing crew are vast in cargo handling industry standards for packing or securing any shipment, as well as in container lashing, custom loading, or unloading of specialized packing for transport by Land, Sea or Air!

Above all, our cargo handling members of staff are trained in all lashing methods for general cargoes. Where necessary, they will arrange your cargo shipment with custom packings to comply with the ISPM 15 requirements.


As Dubai’s most-trusted Third-Party Logistics (3PL) solution provider, we deliver multiple cargo handling – packing and lashing services.

Similarly, we guarantee the safe movement of all sizes of cargo shipment or materials. These include:

  • Items from the suppliers to designated manufacturers
  • Supply chain distributor of finished products
  • Manufacturers to the distributors, retailers, or the end users.
We also provide onsite cargo Logistics handling solutions including material equipment handling (skidding, jacking, crane hiring, and manpower supply.

Our services include:
Our team provides a full range of lashing solutions for heavy export freights. This includes the handling of OD heavy-machinery, large boxes, and vehicles, or other custom needs.

In addition, we guarantee top-quality cargo lashing solutions for a vast range of industrial goods. Consequently, our facility is constructed to secure the items in the cargo packing or container on transit. Thus eliminating the possibility of any kind of damage. 

Furthermore, we use industry-grade packing materials such as a ratchet, nylon strap, dunnage, chord strap, and cargo lashing belts. They help to guarantee maximum packaging effect. We are better positioned to cargo-handle all related parameters such as cargo weight, mode of transport, and acceleration, etc.

With years of experience delivering tailored container lashing solutions, we guarantee the safe delivery of all container-freights in transit. These include loosely packed or palletized items, protecting them from pick-up to delivery.

Our highly skilled members of staff are experienced in the use of various cargo-handling tools to secure all valuable cargo in transit. These include:
  • Various Lashing Equipment
  • Braising & Timber Blocking
  • Cargo bars
  • Chains & Nets
  • Wooden Dunnage
  • Lashing Belt
  • Dunnage Bags
  • Straps etc.
We deliver round-the-clock premium container-lashing services to our assortment of clients in the United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan.

In contrast to the various other lashing solutions, pipe lashing must be carried out by experienced personnel. These professionals are usually required by industry standards to possess the technical know-how and skill to deliver fool-proof lashing solutions.

Consequently, our team of pipe lashing staff is fully-equipped to provide custom solutions that meet your cargo handling needs.
First of all, we will take into consideration all the necessary shipping parameters. These parameters include:
  • Mode of Transport
  • Racking Forces
  • Cargo Weight
  • Rolling Radius, etc. 
As a result, the appropriate lashing techniques are used in fastening the load for maximum stability. We also protect all sensitive pipe surfaces with adequate paddings for safe delivery.

We are experts in stuffing and lashing of various brands of vehicles in containers. Our team is fully equipped to guarantee the care of your vehicle handling processes.

We use only the approved car lashes for the delivery of vehicle shipment solutions.
PSL car lashing experts are trained to ensure timely delivery of your vehicle to its designated location.

When in need of an expert team for your heavy-equipment lashing and custom packing, look no further. Our equipment lashing division can be trusted to cargo-handle your heavy machines.

Other personalized solutions include anti-corrosive treatment and sundry services. These ensure maximum protection and zero-deterioration of your machinery or its parts while on transit or in storage. 

Our team of dedicated experts provides bespoke rig padding and lashing services that meet clients’ requirement. As a result, we guarantee prompt delivery of custom rig solutions to suit your business needs. 

In order to secure the various components of your rig at no extra cost or time, our team delivers:
  • Efficient Dismantling/Recoupling
  • Rig Packing/Unpack
  • Custom Lashing
Amazingly, all of the aforementioned are professionally done with zero to minimal external supervision.


Whether you are in need of a customized Door to Door cargo Logistics solution for your international business operations. Perhaps you require some expert cargo shipping services or some cargo handling needs in Dubai, UAE as well as in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Rest assured, Polar Star Logistics is your ideal service provider.

You can count on our team’s years of experience in all the industry-standard leashing methods for general cargoes. Or for your lashing bars shipping container needs, as well as from a wide range of container loading services. We have continued to deliver top-quality service and maximum customer satisfaction to all our clients.

Call Us today, to partner with us, and we will help Lash and Secure your cargoes. From pick up, through storage to the delivery of any of the category of items below or other custom needs:

  • Locomotives, turbines, power plants and accessories;
  • Military equipment, satellites & boats;
  • Boilers, reactors, etc. And many more.
We work all year round the clock, to keep your business ahead of the competition!