Perishable cargo - A Cool Touch To Logistics

With perishables - effective cargo management, transit time and temperature regime are certainly crucial. We make sure your perishable cargo shipment arrives or departs on time and in ideal condition.

We make sure your perishable cargo travels with a most direct route, with no transit time lags. This eliminates climatic shocks, most unwelcome with sensitive cargo. Of course, there are cases when the flight-to-flight transfer is inevitable. In such cases, connecting time intervals are considered carefully.
This is really important because certain shipments, like temperature-controlled cargo, may require re-icing or maybe temporary storage in a cool-room or an industrial refrigerator.

What is special for your Cargo in Dubai?

First of all, our cutting-edge Dubai transit hub is most noteworthy.
It boasts the world’s biggest cargo-handling facility, equipped with ultra-modern technologies and fit to handle shipments of all imaginable types.
With warehouses allocated for perishable cargo handling, refrigerator trucks and unsurpassed global network, there is probably no fresher transportation service alternative for your perishable cargo.

Our cool chain knowhow

Shipping perishables is a task most challenging and rather complicated. Poor management of the process may bring your sensitive cargo to its destination in a rather sad condition. We can help you to avoid that. 
Polar Star Logistics has a unique three-level cool chain solution, tailored to meet the particular requirements of any type of perishable cargo. 

1. PSL Fresh is our cool chain transport option for everyday perishable cargo (fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and flowers). It involves specialized processes that are equally timely and efficient. As a result, your goods are duly protected at every stage of their journey.
2. PSL Fresh Breath solution works for live produce that requires set temperature and air access likewise. For such type of shipments, we have our cool dolly containers equipped with the most modern-day ventilation system. Hence your most delicate produce is maintained in almost perfect condition.
3. PSL Fresh Active solution uses cutting-edge containers to ship perishables highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

For more clues on how our 3-level solution works for your business, do contact your local Polar Star Logistics office or Call Us to get a Free Quote, along with an expert advice on how to pack perishables for shipping and even more.

Flowers Shipment (bulk order)

We Love Flowers!

Therefore, fresh flower import/reexport is one of our main specialties. For example, we provide flower shipment solutions from Africa and Europe to the Central Asian region – Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Even more, in the latter two countries, we can organize customs clearance and door-to-door delivery likewise.
Also door-to-door flower delivery is available in Siberian & Urals regions of Russia, with the customs clearance option of course. 

Benefits of our Perishables Freight Services

  • Capacity and expertise to drive cost savings
  • Comprehensive air cargo rates
  • The wide network of temperature-controlled equipment
  • Proximity to the warehouse facility in Dubai, UAE.
  • Industry-leading visibility and reporting
  • Online 24/7 tracking
  • Expert logistics team and consultative services
  • Dedicated account management team
Therefore whether you have a modest single shipment, consistent freight or even seasonal fluctuations in capacities or services required, we shall provide a customized perishable freight shipping solution that meets both your budget and service level requirements.

You benefit from our profound experience in temperature-controlled freight forwarding, with access to local, regional and global carriers.
Coupled with our ever-helpful support team and online tracing & tracking facilities, we can help you manage your most sensitive freight in the most delicate and effective manner.

Let us not let your perishables perish!