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Cargo Consolidation and Warehousing

Highly brimmed with exciting services, our company covers every step in Supply Chain Logistics.
In the inclusion of those services, Consolidated shipping services, Warehousing, and overseas cargo shipping grab the top line.

how are we different

First of all, you will be glad to know that we do not charge pocket cutting charges for the consolidation services. Due to that, we offer our clients and customers with affordable rates and prominent services. Maybe a thought strikes your mind that how are we different than others.
Scroll down to know the answer of that as well: 

- We have covered our services under the top-notch licensed such as Certification of Origin, SASO, Fumigation and FITO certificate.

- Also, our consolidation centre provides the customers with honest advice-which aware one about the risk factors that one must be aware of while opting a cargo ship service. Therefore, we suggest the sellers or buyers get insurance for consolidated goods.

- Furthermore, our door to door cargo service covers on-time deliveries as well as pocket-friendly charges for customers. 

- Another major issue is customs clearance in the field of logistics, but, we have got the excellence in that as well. Our skilled team effortlessly handles the likewise issues by taking necessary approvals and permissions for shipping services. 

- Most noteworthy, if the shipment requires a warehouse during the process, then we have a physical location at UAE. Our 3PL Warehouse is well organized and secured with the world best team of skilled workers and top-notch equipment. 

- We ship Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) from the streets to UAE to every corner of Uzbekistan either with the help of rail/road/ship freights, or their freights in case of ICL shipment. 

Cargo handling experts

Above all, we have got expertise in conducting multi-modal freights no matter how challenging it is. Our skilled and experienced Team keep all the freight chains in sync for the best cargo deliveries.

Even more, if you are taking the assistance of our team, you can witness the best professionalism in our team members as everyone is known for their unique qualities there. The whole team conducts consolidation and reconsolidation tasks with efficient care and awareness.

As a result, we assist the customers at every step right from loading, transportation consolidation in the warehouse to shipment of the consolidated goods. Even more, we care about the airline handling and supervising under our services so that people do not need to worry about the logistics of their goods.

Above all, we have multimodal freights available which helps us to do the quick deliveries via most appropriate ways of transportation according to distance. So, if you are seeking the best rates and services, you can knock our doors with full throttle.

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