Warehouse Facility

By warehousing we understand secure storage of commercial goods in warehouses and all belated Logistics services associated with it.

Warehousing is an additional service of Polar Star Logistics. It can be included with the package of our Freight Forwarding services or ordered separately.
For that, our secure warehousing facility in Dubai is always at your disposal.

Warehousing: Giving your cargo an appropriate shelter

If in process of shipment your goods would require a storage – our Dubai warehouse has a perfect alternative solution.
We can provide temporary or long-term storage of shipped cargo along with all specter of warehousing Logistics services.

PSL renders Warehouse services targeted to control the safety of freights. Our Dubai storage space is equipped with most up-to-date security and fire prevention systems.
This allows us to guarantee a 100% safety of your commercial cargo.

5 reasons to employ us as your cargo’s guardian:

1. Our modern warehouse complex equipped with CCTV cameras provides solid 24h security for your stored goods. It is also equipped with the most modern and updated fire prevention system.

2. It often happens, that freighted goods require special conditions in space of their storage. It could either be a specific temperature regime or a certain level of humidity. Polar Star Logistics’ storage facilities in Dubai are, certainly fit to meet even the most specific requirements. Hence, we can ensure the utter safety of your sensitive cargo.

3. If your goods need to be repackaged, weighted, labelled or written into temporary storage, Polar Star Logistics will organize all the required operations within our warehousing facility.

4. We can perform loading and offloading works by either mechanical means or manually. Our warehouse employees practice the most caring approach to handling your cargo. That guarantees that even the most sensitive and fragile goods remain in perfect condition.

5. We will do all the paperwork required for warehouse storage and release of consignments.

Renting a warehouse facility is a common practice with evolving 3PL businesses. Due to that, our Dubai storage space is often employed as a 3PL warehouse.

What is 3PL Logistics?

Few people who are not into logistics are familiar with the term “3PL”. Actually, this complex-sounding acronym goes for “Third-Party Logistics”.
By which, we understand businesses that serve to outsource with elements of a company’s services. 3PL targets particular links in the chain of supply management, which could be:

• Warehousing (either public or contract);
• Transportation Management;
• Freight Consolidation;
• Distribution Management.

3PL providers specialize typically in transportation and warehousing services. The main function of a 3PL provider is to adjust these services to the customer’s needs.
These needs may change along with current market conditions.

For example, demand for the client’s goods falls and therefore the requirements for delivery service would alter. With all the above mentioned, we can easily handle the above types of services to third-party businesses.
This makes Polar Star Logistics as one of the 3PL providers.

Our warehousing services: Good for your goods

As your third-party logistics provider, we can offer a whole range of storage-related services at competitive prices.
Our warehousing services feature:

• Short- or long-term storage;
• Warehousing (commercial and contract);
• Our secure all-weather facility;
• Transport to and from the facility;
• Devanning and packing;
• Oversized and out-of-gauge cargo;
• Dry & refrigerated goods;
• Hazardous, Dangerous Goods;
• Insurance.

If you’re into global Logistics - Dubai is certainly a good place to run your business. Turn to Polar Star for expert warehousing Logistics.

Contact Us today and our modern-day warehousing capacities and dedicated logistics team will be happy to assist in all the requirements.