Freight forwarding

Land Freight (Rail/Road)

Rail Freight. The oldest but not in oblivion

Railway freight is the most traditional way of cargo delivery. However, “traditional” here doesn’t equal to “neglected”. Shipping by train still is in high demand.
The reason is simple: cargo rail shipment has many advantages, with large parties of goods in particular.

The advantages are the following:
- Nearly any type of goods can be shipped with a cargo train. It could be either heavy industry items or FMCG. Modern refrigerator carriages allow shipment of Perishables in most cost-effective manner.

Railway cargo charges are relatively low due to high railway network capacity.

- Railway transport service functions regardless of weather conditions. This decreases any additional expenses due to possible delays on the route.
This type of freight is one of the most secure. In majority of countries, train terminals are regarded as strategic objects. Hence the level of security at linking points is at highest. Thus the risk of cargo theft comes to nill.

- All the shipments are most friendly to the environment. Trains do not need petrol or kerosene for locomotion. Therefore, by choosing to ship your cargo by rail - you help to decrease pollution.
The only obvious disadvantages of cargo rail shipment is that door-to-door delivery here is impossible. Combination of rail freight with road freight solves the problem.

We offer intermodal solutions which successfully exploit the advantages of both means to cargo and the delivery. Our hands on land transport services, by rail or road, for exports and imports, large shipments or small.

Polar Star Logistics freight cargo of any volume and type:
- Industrial,
- Commercial or
- Private.

Thoroughly planned travel route excepts unforeseen complications in process of delivery.
You can trace the progress of your cargo’s shipment at any time.

Road freight: Simple and Easy

Focus and the speed are the basics in road freight logistics. Polar Star Logistics takes all your shipment concerns away.
With that, we deliver freedom to face the chances and not the challenges.
Road freight is one of the most popular and convenient ways of cargo delivery. Shipping by cargo truck has obvious advantages before other means of delivery.

Pros of road freight are the following:
- Wide network of motorways in any part of the world, even most remote places. Ocean freight requires the proximity of an ocean. Rails do not always lead to the needed location, too. Motorways, on the contrary, stretch to practically any enterprise or household. That makes door-to-door delivery possible to practically any spot on the world map.

- Wide selection of options for cargo mass- and dimensions-wise. By road, you can transport either a minor party of goods or a massive building construction. We provide a wide selection of transporting vehicles of various size and tonnage, from microvans to tremendous train-lorries.

- High speed and low cost of delivery. Certainly, speed of transporting your cargo by plane will be higher. Yet the cost of it will also come out to be rather high. Sometimes delivery of goods by road, even to big distances, makes more sense. In terms of cost-effectiveness, and often of the speed.

- Number of load/unload works is minimal. When shipped by train or sea, your cargo has to go through several load/unload procedures. Road freight makes things easier. Cargo is loaded once upon departure and unloaded once upon arrival.

Why PSL is your choice among rest land shipping freight companies?

Test our Land transportation Logistics for the efficiency and cost savings today.

PS Logistics offers:
  • Implementation of logistics chain management
  • Prompt, seamless delivery
  • Comprehensive land freight quotes
  • Speedy and efficient delivery of any kind of cargo, large, heavy, non-standard items
  • Insurance
  • Quick and painless arrangement of all transporting formalities
  • Securing of cargo
  • Personal approach to each customer
As a logistics provider, we cooperate closely with reputable land transporters across the globe. This allows Polar Star Logistics to arrange flawless pickup and delivery of all types of goods: industrial, commercial or private.

This includes door-to-door transportation of bulk, refrigerated, dry, out-of-gauge or heavy freight. We provide cost-effective road and rail delivery from place of origin to final destination.

When transporting any cargo, it is vital to provide its proper packaging and loading. Polar Star will take care of that too. Your goods will be delivered in the safest state and with minimal expenses.

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