- Airline Representation Services;
- Airline Management ;
- Flight Supervision;
- Ground Handling

PSL offers a wide range of reliable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to airlines across all major airports within UAE and Uzbekistan territory.
- Ticketing Sales all over the UAE, Uzbekistan territory;
- Marketing;
- Corporates Clients Relations establishment;
- Cooperation with regional travel agencies;
- Regular Reports;
This is all in one solution related to an airline’s Sales & Marketing.

Check-in Briefing & Check-in Management

As part of our professional airline service delivery, our check-in briefing & management is tailored to guarantee the maximum comfort and peace of mind to all passengers and crew.
PSL can cater unaccompanied minors, including Special needs passengers, etc.

Airline Management

With a Team of experienced professionals who had career backgrounds in major
- Airline Operations;
- Airplane Maintenance, and
- Related Certifications
Our cost-effective and professional range of services has enabled us to build trustworth and lasting relationships with our clients all over the Globe, and most noteworthy, across Asia.

Airline Representation

We are a trusted, ethical & effective Airline Representation provider. As a result, we deliver transparent
Airline Representation, GSA services, that promote our clients’ brand; consequently representing their best interest.

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Management

Our AOG team is equipped to oversee all AOG-related tasks. Consequently, we
Manage Freight collections and Early/Late Departure booking, as well as Arrival and Handover confirmations at any designated airport destination.

Aviation Audit Assistance

PSL delivers tailored audit assistance services.
These will include:
- Assistance in Incident and Accident Investigation;
- Airplane Inspection;
- General Risk Assessments;
- Procurement;
- Tenders;
- Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) audits;
- Technical Audits;
- Standards and Policies;
- Flight Safety and Security;
- Flight / Turn-a-round Supervision;
- Onsite Management;
- UAV Operations

Catering Coordination

PSL can arrange Premium/customized catering coordination and provisioning services across all cabins – from Economy to First Class / Business Class & VIP airline charter flights.
Above all, we offer bespoke Private Jet services and serve a board some of the most prominent Airlines.


With uncommon dedication and personalized care, PSL highly experienced airport ground staff cater to the needs of our clients and guarantee their safe passage.
We make certain, that our clients have access to Premium service delivery and, above all, maximum attention. PSL ensures smooth:
- Passenger Handling;
- Customs Clearance;
- Audit Assistance;

And most certainly, a Tailored Ground-Handling solution for our client’s individual travel needs – Private or Business; including any required Logistics & Ground Handling Service; from Separture to Arrival, and even more!

Check-in Management

Arrange smooth passengers check in process. Luggage security control, travel documentation checkup and any additional instructions from the airline.

Cleaning Coordination

Whether you are traveling on Business or pleasure trip, the need for a comfortable, decent and clean travel environment cannot be overemphasized.
As a result, we provide thorough and effective cleaning coordination within and around your aircraft and business premises to help ensure a smooth airport experience.

Facilitate on-time Departure

Likewise, responsible for scheduled and actual Departure times.

Co-Mail Delivery

You can count on POLAR STAR LOGISTICS to take your package wherever you want it to be delivered.
Our Co-mail delivery service guarantees our clients a faster, safer way to move goods and services worldwide; across Middle East and Asia.

Coordinate Cabin Crew Hotel accommodation and transportation

We arrange effective transportation and world-class accommodation services in 4-star hotels to flight passengers, cockpit and cabin crew.
Similarly, we ensure that all VIP, CIP passengers and rest luxury travelers enjoy premium treatments.

Delay / Cancellation Management

We provide intelligent communication management and resources that empower the airline industry to minimize flight delays and cancellations;
While setting up channels that keep customers informed during unavoidable flight delays or cancellations such as bad weather conditions.


Our wide international experience provides services according to highest standards in Airline industry.
Decades of combined knowledge of PSL team, who had a background in Airline Handling Operations (Emirates, Aeroflot, S7, MAU, Uzbekistan Airways, Air Astana, etc..) and related certifications, made us reliable partner in key chain management solutions.

Flight/Turn-a-round Supervision

Involves flight Ground Handling prior to departure and after landing

Fuel Coordination

This service provides the calculation and coordination of fuel requirements.

Immigration Control

We will serve as the primary law enforcement hub between the Airline and airport Immigration

Luggage Control

We would carry and control safety and security of the aircraft luggage compartment.

SAOC / Barin representation

Post Flight Report

PNL Management

Arranging upgrades, meals, special requests, assistance, (WCHR / MAAS / UM) services etc.


Polar Star Logistics Ground hadling Team will be the vivid bridge between the Passengers and the Airline. We would play a key role in providing bespoke Customer Service essential to the success of polar star ground handling operations. Across the globe, our staff is trained to assist passengers with special needs, including unskilled and reduced mobility. With our full range of catering services, we have made aircraft travelers specially welcome.

Seating/Configuration Control

Security Management

SLA Control

ULD Control

Station Management


Tax Control



  • Provide Check-in Briefing, Check-in management
  • Provide arrival and departure services at the door. Officers must comply with a flight upon arrival and provide departure services, including passenger boarding and flight closure.
  • Provide transfer desks, customer service desks, and airline lounges. andling agent airport: also our handling agent is responsible for flight planning and preparation, cargo assistance, passenger management, ground handling, crew planning, etc.


  • Flight planning and preparation: calculation of fuel requirements, maximum take-off weight, the study of flight performance, choice of route, load and balance, etc.
  • Supervision of passenger and cargo handling.
  • Drafting of technical documents for air advisors. Standard ground service: furthermore PSL participates in an airline industry standard land management agreement (MAGSA). MAGSA it is published by the Airline Transport Association and is used by airlines to evaluate aircraft maintenance, and support prices in MAGSA rates.


  • Cabin service: The primary objective of this service offer is to guarantee the comfort of the passenger. Cabin cleaning is the main effort, but also includes tasks such as replacing consumables on board (soap, tissues, toilet paper, reading material) and washable items such as pillows and blankets.
  • Catering services: Includes unloading unused food and drinks from the aircraft, as well as loading cold food and beverages for passengers and crew. Ground handling in aviation: in charge of the maintenance of an aircraft while it is on the ground and (usually) parked at the gate of an airport terminal. We are committed to meeting the highest aeronautical standards, and we continue to set new standards. We work every day to enhance the travel and aviation experience around the world.

About polar star logistic: our Company is based in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and the second division is “airlines handling and supervision.” With international cargo transportation network, we deliver any cargo to different parts of the world. Which is precisely what we offer at some of the busiest airports in the world. We offer a level of service in more than 26 airports around the world. Whether we help passengers face to face or perform behind-the-scenes operations.

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